The Aurora Flyers will be using Edmodo as a way to text and email team notices, as well as, send and receive group messages. Please take the time to set up a student account. Parents will do the same AFTER the student account has been set up. Some students may already use Edmodo with your school and have an active account. If you have an active Edmodo account you DO NOT need to set up a new account. Just add the Aurora Flyers code to your account.

Follow the directions and images to help set up your account on Edmodo. Parents can then do the same thing to set up their parent account. The individual parents code will be on your child’s student account after you have it set up.

Emodo pic 1

Log on to www.edmodo.com and you will see the screen shown above. Find the BLUE button that says "I'm a Student" in the lower right side of the screen. Click on it and go to step 2.

Edmodo pic 2

Step 2: Now you enter your information. Use the following group code for the first box (Group Code: yrkv9e). Then you think up a cool username and password (that you will remember) for the next two boxes. Email is optional but please do add your first and last name. All information is kept confidential and is not accessible by anyone other than you and me. Don't forget to click the little box beside the Terms of Service box. Then click Sign Up and you have created your account.

Edmodo pic 3

Parent Code: If you look at the lower left side of the screen shot you can see the box titled Parent Code. The code is in the dark blue box. Your parents go through the same process you did except in Step 1 they click "I'm a Parent". Once you are finished please go to setting and select how you want to be notified.

To get to Settings click on Melogo located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Then select Settings. Then select Email and Text updates. Text is the preferred method. Please do this for both you and your child/student. This will allow us to send a Group or individual text to you in the event practice is cancelled or time has changed, etc. We will also use this as a way for you to communicate general questions back to the club (such as meet location, directions, and more) and others will be able to view the questions and response provided.

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